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Apple Pectin Fiber

"An apple a day or a pill in a pinch." The old adage about the health benefits of eating an apple a day is as true today as they ever were.

Pectin is a type of water-soluble fiber that is particularly high in apples. It has many health benefits such as stabilizing blood sugar levels, reducing bad cholesterol, and has even been shown to lower blood pressure. Not to mention it helps in regulating the lower digestive tract.

Another study showed that by eating an apple a day, the filling effect of fiber reduced total caloric intake that day by 60 calories which over a year equates to about 6 lbs of weight loss. In fact, adding water soluble fiber, like apple pectin, has been shown to lower bad cholesterol even more than maintaining a low fat diet.

Although our plan recommends eating an apple a day with your omega-3 and curcumin supplements right before breakfast, sometimes life gets in the way. On those days, we recommend taking an apple pectin supplement.



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