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Omega-3 Benefits

Omega-3 is an essential fatty oil that is typically found in cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel and herring. Omega-3 has been shown to decrease inflammation and lower triglycerides(blood fat). It is helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. DHA, one of its components, is important for infant development.

Several studies have shown that a diet that is high in Omega-3 can also improve lung function for people suffering with asthma. Other studies show that this essential oil can help children with ADHD and protect elderly patients against Alzheimer's disease.

Ideally, our diets should have large amounts of wild fish like salmon that are naturally high in Omega-3, but because of our western diet, supplements are usually necessary. The average American gets about 20 times the amount of omega-6 in their diet as omega-3.

Omega-3 is made up of three components: DHA, EPA, and ALA. Each is helpful in treating health conditions.


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